Facing the Race Track…..Again.

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Princess, Rosie, and Bonnie return to the racetrack in Hileal, Florida.  Their fragile bodies are confusing when their instincts are to run.

Rosie, 13 yo, Bonnie, 14 yo, and Princess, 14 yo, back on the racetrack.

The mind/body dilemma.  They go from this

Bonnie in a fragile walk with Princess looking on.

To this

They simply just take off.

Rosie returning from a sprint.

It must feel very strange pausing on a racetrack.

Rosie, formerly Shogun Rose, and Princess, formerly Oh My Princess, pausing at the racetrack in Hileal, Florida.

When not racing, it is always this.

The alternative to their time on the track.

Friends of Greyhounds are dedicated to finding homes for those who do not run anymore.

My choice for this project.

Rosie leaving her mark on her past.

Carly, Breebee, and Nuny outside of Cody, Wyoming

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A woman lives in Ralston with senior dogs and horses.  It seems she is just getting by in very modest circumstances.  She rescues and builds her life around keeping them loved and safe.

Carly, 16 years old, with her pink comfort.

Her dogs live really long lives.

Breebee, 21 years old and Nuny, 19 years old

When traveling around America, there are no peripheral judgements.  Deep love locates everyone in this photographic journey – dogs and people.



Below are the photographs I chose to tell their story for this project.

Carly, 16 years old Ralston, Wyoming

Breebee, 21 years old Nuny, 19 years old Ralston, Wyoming

Joon in Massachusetts

August 16, 2011 § 1 Comment

New England.  In Sandwich, Massachusetts, I meet Joon, 16 years old, and Rocko, 13 years old.  No relation.  They have never met before.

Joon, 16 years old   and Rocko, 13 years old    Sandwich, massachusetts

Joon, 16 years old, meeting the bounding Rocko, 13 years old, for the first time.

These dogs are not on their home turf .   After spending some time in this old town, we head to the marshes.  I am in awe watching them take in this expansive new place.

Although very fragile, Joon embraces her new environment.

Joon’s fragility does not impede her clear desires to smell and move, move, move…….

Joon moving forward.

How does a dog reconcile the instinctive desire to explore and still be so very fragile? Here it is.

A moment.

Below is the photograph of Joon that is being collected by the New Britain Museum of American Art.  It is the first museum of strictly American art.

Joon, 16 years old Sandwich, Massachusetts

‘Senior Dogs Across America’ is featured on The New York Times Lens Blog, Lens Culture, Esquire-Russia, and many other blogs.

Jake in the Texas Panhandle

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We leave Oklahoma and head for the Texas Panhandle to find the town of Higgins where Jake lives.  Jake’s home is a motel.  At 16 years old, he appears fully at ease with all it’s comings and goings.  There is a constant flow of truckers, travelers, and even locals, heading down the Panhandle highway next to the motel.  His diminutive size appears to cause him no concern.

Jake scoping out his territory.

Jake likes to take his walks around the motel.  He never knows who he will run into but that is a pattern he is very used to having in his life.

Jake in the motel lot

Jake doing his rounds.

He really enjoys that first moment when a stranger enters his office to see about a place to stay.

Check-In time.

His off-duty hours offer profound devotion and love.

A tender moment in the kitchen.


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